We are active in the fashion industry and we know the industry.
Proper planning and setup is vital to starting up correctly; the rest . . smooth sailing.


Get a clear idea of the costs involved and best way to enter the industry.


Financial Assessment /

R&D (Research and Development)

After the free initial consultation, our Accounting/Financial business experts will conduct a Financial Assessment which involves R&D that will cover your business start-up and running costs, expected returns, target market, planned business schedule and overall concept feasibility.


– R&D only

– Financial Assessment only, if you have R&D ready


Business Planning

Make a plan . . Test the market . . Get going
    • Business Plan & Strategy
    • Marketing plan
    • Product Costing
    • Action Calendar
    • Reports
    • Growth strategy
    • Test the market


Set up and get going.  

Allow us to filter the most suitable suppliers and services from our industry contacts or by sourcing new ones, while you focus on the big picture and creativity.


 Business  License Setup

We will guide you in setting up the right type of business license that will suit your current activity and allow for future expansion.


– Fabric and trim suppliers
– Labels:  brand, size, content
– Hangers and garment bags
– other necessary items

Logo, storyboard, colours, business cards and website design

Our collaborators and as we call them, extended family, will work together with you in developing your brand’s story.  A team of experts will come up with multiple logo ideas and colour combinations for you to choose from as they assist you in attaining the desired brand and company image.  These will then be used to develop your business cards, website and other media tools.  Finally, your company profile and designer bio will be put together to complete the brand image.

Sampling and Production

We help you to produce your first samples with quality that we know the buyers are looking for.
We match you with the garment production factories most suitable for your type of production needs, whether this is mass production or a few pieces of haute couture.



Decided to produce your own product?


Studio / in-house production unit set-up

We will match you up with the right construction companies to build your warehouse as per the law.
We’ll source for you and advise you in regards to:
    • dress form / body form and mannequins
    • sewing machinery depending on your product needs
Then we’ll help in developing your:
    • initial basic blocks
    • grading
    • in-house reference and communication sheets


Allow us to recruit the most suitable staff for you.  We understand the needs of a fashion design company and we know the particular skills an employee needs to have for each particular type of a brand.
    • Pattern makers / Master tailors
    • Sewers / Tailors
    • Embroiderers
    • Front desk
    • Assistants
    • Interns
    • Other


All setup?  Now what?

Let’s get the orders, and a little bit of PR to help with branding and with the orders. 


 Social Media

After all has been said and done, we can use that information to set up for you the most suitable social media networks, and keep updating them for you to keep your followers up to date.

Branding and Communication

Our collaborators, our extended family as we call them, will work with you on:
    • Look books & Line books . . . . . to present to the buyers
    • PR . . . . . to get you maximum exposure in print and media
    • Marketing . . . . . to get you into shops and department stores
. . . MORE 
Point of Contact
Other necessary elements to running a successful fashion brand